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...mark your place in time with another question why...

pairing: billy/linzi, billy/omc
fandom: good charlotte
challenge: sheets at night

she had always pictured some quaint little life with billy, this yellow house and this picket fence, two point five kids and, okay, maybe a dog. ever since she was a little girl, she imagined her bedroom, big and open, with these french doors leading to a deck overlooking the ocean, billowing white sheets that flap and twist in the wind and look so inviting.

and, now, she has this four-poster bed, okay, and she comes home every night tired and she gets down on her fucking hands and knees and scrubs the come stains out of the bed sheets.
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mmmmmhet only not. billy/linzi is my otp and guh, linzi! <3
Oh man, bummer! Poor Linzi.
Ha. Hahahaha. Oh, man. Oh yes, you did it again. You wrote Linzi. Unhappily ever after, true, but Linzi nonetheless. BWAH.

I love you.