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Pairing: This is all implied. Billy/Benji, Billy/Tony, Billy/Joel.
Fandom: Good Charlotte/Mest
Challenge: Sheets at Night
Summary: Billy's just looking for completion.

Pushed back against the sheets with their hands clasped firmly, palm to palm. Tracing the virgin Mary across his neck and tearing at the skin. A silent offering of upturned full, red lips and a silent prayer for this. "Enough?"


The next night, he's golden. Curled up tight inside a thin embrace with bleach blonde locks. Digging blunt fingernails into his marred thighs, shrieking like a banshee. "Enough?"


Between the sheets and begging for a reprieve. Looking up at angry, glowing eyes in the dark. Pressing one finger to his mouth. "Enough?"

Opening his eyes wide to nothing. "Joel."
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