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word count and spell check

Limitations exist
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Punk Drabble Community

This community contains slash and only slash. Crossovers are welcome as well as non-punk band submissions.

Basics: Every week a challenge will be posted consisting of either a single word, a quote, or a lyric.

Goal: Write a drabble dealing with the week's challenge.

Rules: I'm not enforcing an lj-cut but it would be nice to see them used. I will delete any "Hi, I'm new!" posts. This is your warning. I delete recklessly. Rules are subject to change.


When you post, a format, such as the one below, is appreciated.


The "Challenge" can be written as current, the week number (if you are doing one previously given), or the actual challenge itself. You can post a drabble to any challenge, it does not have to be the current week's.


A drabble is a 100 word fic. The difficulty is getting your point across in such a small limit. To most, it's easy and helps with writer's block. Spell check and word count are your friends. USE THEM.

If you have a problem or a suggestion for the next challenge, email me. If you don't have an lj and would like to contribute, email me and I'll post it for you.

This week's challenge: FAMOUS LAST WORDS

Past challenges:
        Week 1: Hello Distance (!!)
        Week 2: Roaming Subways (!!)
        Week 3: Headline (!!)
        Week 4: Golden Boy (!!)
        Week 5: Wonderland (!!)
        Week 6: "Fuck me, kill me, love me." (!!)
        Week 7: One-way ticket (!!)
        Week 8: Night smeared (!!)
        Week 9ish: Religious imagery- 200 words (!!)
        Week 10: Shadows and smoke (!!)
        Week 11: Technicolor (!!)
        Week 12: Burn out (!!)
        Week 13: Sheets at night (!!)
        Week 14: Famous last words (!!)


This journal contains fan fiction. Anything read in here is completely untrue and produced by a fan. We do not own any rights to the musicians in question but we do own our words. Steal and you can answer to me, fucker.


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