not for eating!! (rockababy) wrote in hello_distance,
not for eating!!

Fandom: Good Charlotte + Mest
Pairing: Benji/Tony
Challenge: famous last words

Benji thinks hard, and he can remember that first morning after, how the sheets on Tony's bed were clean and white, and the morning sun shone warm and golden through the curtainless windows. Tony made a huge plate of scrambled eggs that they ate together in bed, and then Tony kissed him, tasting like eggs and orange juice, and Benji kissed back.

Now Benji looks down into the fresh grave at his feet and remembers Tony's wide, toothy smile and his small, bright eyes, and how all he thought that morning was, Please, God, don't let me love this one.
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i mean. it's pretty. but wha?
That's what I hate about drabble. Exposition gets thrown out the window.

Joel killed Tony. It was supposed to make sense without mentioning that, but I guess it didn't.
*is hoping you mean benji and not joel, because she kinda guessed (sorta) that benji killed him, but wtfjoel?*

Well, Benji works too. The thing is that it's set in the middle of my dead!Tony universe, in which Tony is dead because Joel killed him because Joel is just a tiny bit overprotective of Benji. I was hoping that it would still make sense out of context, even if Joel isn't mentioned, because you can assume that it was Benji, and that works, too, at least I was hoping it would work, and, yes. This is definitely why I don't do drabble.
aw. see, if you had just said "set in dead!tony!verse", i woulda known.
you wrote! motherfucker, you wrote and didn't tell me! i hate you, you know.

not to mention, fucking green dickies, too. because, hello. these little brats should be put in their motherfucking place. i understood it. don't worry.


it took a second read and then oh! and that last line hit to leave a mark on my face. i love it.
I had assumed Benji killed Tony until I read the comments, but I liked it anyway 'cause the last line hit me like a truck.
It's set in the middle of a storyverse in which the whole Joel-killing-Tony thing is explained in much greater detail than one hundred words can provide (the current word count is 6,359, in fact), but, since it's not in context, Benji as the killer also works. Man, I hate drabble.

Also: Thank you for the comment. :)
Hmmm...I am intrigued about this story you speak of. Glad to know that I wasn't completely wrong in thinking Benji was the killer. I've tried writing drabbles for this community, but every time I do the supposed drabble turns into a several page fic (of which I'm still working on). I think I might be incapable of ending things at just 100 words. But you're very welcome for the comment. You're writing's always worth a look. :)